Slash costs but not sales with online marketing.

Ian Hancock Search Engine Optimisation

I have too been watching the US, UK and arguably, the western world economy unravel over the last few months and weeks. And rightly so, there is much concern amongst business owners about the direct impact this will have on the UK ecomony.
One of the questions I get asked on a more and more frequent basis is will Miromedia suffer? Being a marketing based business, Marketing is usually one of the first costs to be slashed.
My considered response is the same for all. In times of need, we all look to cut costs (it’s not a bad practise in good times too). However, do you really want to be slashing at a proven, scalable and direct sales channel that if exploited, can bring a substantial return on investment? Do you want to be reducing a marketing channel that is accurately measurable and can touch a huge and targeted audience for a relatively low cost?
If your looking for effective sales channels to market your products through, then the internet is not only the way forward when times are good, but also when times are bad. Yes, it depends on what business you are in and yes, it does have to be considered as a marketable product or service online. However, I’ll leave you with this thought. If your looking for value for money or price/service comparison, where do you look?