Secure File Transfer Site – Version 2

Miromedia have released version 2 of our secure file transfer solution. Now with improved performance, upgraded management process and improved security for your file transfer needs.

Version 2 of our File Transfer Site builds on the solid foundations of our initial software release.

Improved System Architecture

The new version of the transfer site has been designed to run on a greatly improved and secure system architecture. The system now runs on dedicated hardware using a tiered architecture with each component of the application running on a dedicated machine:

  1. Database server – hosting the database itself
  2. Web server – serving the site UI to the user
  3. File server – dedicated server to hold and handle uploaded file content to users

These server sit behind a fully secure and locked down Firewall which handles all incoming internet traffic. Any allowed requests are then handed off to another internal Firewall before any access is permitted between the site and the database.
As well as the hardware security, version 2 also runs using a secure internet connection via https with the associated server security certificate.

File Transfer Site New Features

As well as the enhanced architecture the system now boasts the following upgrades:

  • Audit report filtering
  • Integrated T&Cs registration step
  • Non-registered user temporary download link
  • User password change history
  • File download password reset
  • Multiple file uploads
  • User ability to delete their own files
  • Single session login per user
  • Performance upgrades both on the client and server

In addition to these new upgrades for the application, version 2 also contains new automated management processes. These help reduce the manual system manager to streamline house keeping for the application.

New Management Processes:

  • Login strike count reset after login
  • Dormant user accounts marked as deleted after a predefined period of inactivity
  • Automatic session log out for users after a period of 60 minutes inactivity

For more information why not call Miromedia and speak to us about your requirements.

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