Regionally Targeted SEO

Regional search accounts for over 80% of all product/service related searches and the results generated are far more likely to convert into sales or leads! Miromedia have developed a ground breaking product to get your website onto page 1 of Google and target hundreds of regional locations across the UK.

Benefits of Regionally Targeted SEO

  • Cost effective
  • Less overall competition
  • More targeted
  • Increase conversion
  • Avoids duplicated content
  • Improves website strength

Why is regionally targeted SEO important?

Google search data indicates that your potential customers are searching for your services or products by including a location in their searches. With Miromedia’s innovative and effective regional SEO techniques, you can target countless regional terms and appear every time people want your services in that area.

Why not just create lots of pages exactly the same and change the location name on each page?

Search Engines don’t like duplicated content because in the past website owners filled their websites with countless pages of the same copy, changing only the keywords, in order to rank well for countless terms. This resulted in a poor user experience for Search Engines users and so Google, Bing and Yahoo set to remove these duplicated pages from their massive indexes. Search Engines have become extremely sophisticated at identifying and ignoring duplicated content on websites since then. For this reason duplicated content is at best ignored and at worst a detriment to overall website performance.

There is always likely to be some natural duplication on websites, so therefore search engines allow around 20% of page content to be duplicated with other web pages. This means that images, links, videos and copy may be repeated in places, however it is important to try and avoid any more than this if you want your pages to perform well in search engines.

Ideally duplicated content needs to be replaced with revised, unique copy that is relevant to the targeted keywords, products and services on your web pages. Sometimes there is a genuine requirement for your web content to repeat on some pages. For example, if you sell products across many geographical areas you may want to create a separate page for each of these areas.

If you would like to talk to our friendly team about how regionally targeted SEO can help your business, you can click to contact us or call: 01926 358200.

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