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As an SEO Consulting Company, we are asked many questions by our Clients. One particular question that I was asked this week was very interesting. Will the cloud ever crash?

For anyone who does not understand cloud computing, this is where data is stored on remote servers and accessed online. There are many  advantages of cloud computing, one of which is that it speeds up computer running time, as processing can be done elsewhere. Another example would be storing your pictures online, then your computer does not need to use so much storage space.

Right, back to the point. Will the cloud ever crash?

This is unlikely, as the cloud is a multitude of servers, holding different information, all around the world. In addition, many cloud providing companies have contingency plans to protect the information that they store.

A good example of a loss of data would be Megaupload, which has just been closed down in the US. Many people lost data that was on this site, but this would only be a fraction of all the data kept online. Servers all around the world would need to be closed down, for the cloud to fall over. This is highly unlikely.

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We have always felt that imparting our knowledge to our clients is a good policy. The more informed everyone is, the better decisions everyone makes.