SEO and Link Building Quick Guide

Ian Hancock Link Building, Search Engine Optimisation

Before doing some online marketing work experience at Miromedia the term ‘SEO’ and ‘link building’ were an alien concept and something that seemed quite niche and technical. After having some exposure creating optimised content for some clients websites and articles for blogging sites, the fog has been lifted on what these terms really mean as I’ve had the opportunity to put it into practice.

There are certain elements to remember when writing optimised content and creating positive rankings for clients in the search engines. Here are some guidance points I’ve found helpful to refer to:

  1. Ensure that the content that is being written is always fresh and there is no major duplication between the different website pages. This may have an effect on the sites that you want pages to be ranked for when they are searched for.
  2. The inclusion of expertly researched keywords intricately woven into the text will have a positive effect on the sites ranking. Adwords can be an excellent tool to discover which words are most commonly searched for on Google.
  3. Include keywords but do not over-populate these as the website can become spammy and can have an adverse effect on the sites ranking. It is also important that the website reads well, is engaging and not just stuffed with these keywords.
  4. It is also important to create positive links! For example if you have a client that is within the health sector you could post an article on a health topic related site and in return gain links back to your clients website. It is important that relationships are built throughout this process. Be patient as you may not always have the response that you’re looking for. Always check the domain of that website to see if it has authority in the rankings and that their site is on topic. If all is good then you can agree on an article title and get writing.