SEO Advice When Choosing a New Brand Name

Andy Clarke General, Search Engine Optimisation

Choosing a new brand name can be difficult, there is a lot to consider. It is vital to take SEO advice to avoid any potential pitfalls too. Deciding upon a brand name that will ultimately be your domain name is something you need to be careful about. Here as some quick tips to avoid any problems further down the line.

Check the Domain Hasn’t Already Been Taken This is pretty obvious SEO advice, but can often be missed. Check 123.reg or a similar site to ensure the name you have chosen doesn’t already belong to someone else. This could prove costly later if you don’t check!

SEO Advice for Avoiding Bad Brand Names

Think About the Context of the New Brand Name It is important to consider the flexibility of the brand name. For example the word ‘apple’. People already understand what it is and apply various concepts associated with it. It is a tasty fruit, it is natural and wholesome, it may even come with positive childhood memories for some people. Think also about future promotional activity and developing strap-lines, or for the logo. Simple is good here.

Don’t Make People Think This is an old mantra of online marketing. Choosing a brand name that is clever or has a meaning that needs to be deciphered can be frustrating and annoying to people. The Miromedia SEO advice here is that is far better to choose a brand name that is memorable as opposed to something that is clever.

Obscure Can Work Think about some of the most popular online brand names. Many of them have no clear meaning at all; Google, Spotify, Bing, eBay. They don’t actually mean anything but it is their obscure nature that has made them more memorable.

Things to Avoid Try and imagine the new brand name in its different guises. Some famous examples of brands that didn’t translate to domain names well include: • Pen Island – • Experts Exchange – • Therapist Finder – Also beware of foreign or colloquial versions of the new brand name. Words that are legitimate in one language may be rude in a foreign language, such as the Jamaican brand of chicken soup called ‘Cock Soup’. It is definitely worth researching before deciding.

Good luck with chossing your new brand name. Remember it is always useful to take SEO advice when you are deciding upon this. To find out more about Miromedia one of the leading SEO companies in the Birmingham, Midlands and Warwickshire area, feel free to call us on 01926 358200.

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