Secure data

Ian Hancock General

Very worrying news this month regarding flaws in Sony Playstation 3 security, which has led to all online gaming being suspended. With rumours of over 100 million users data being captured illegally. This obviously leads to the question, how secure is data online?

It is fair to say that this sort of news gains a great deal of media scrutiny and can undermine the reputation of Internet security. However, let’s remember that fraud is in all walks of life and the Internet is no different.

At Miromedia we have expertise in building secure online transfer applications, which allow for files to be transferred within a secure environment. Our Clients for this software include major high street banks. We know from the parameters that have been put in place by these types of companies, that there are a lot of ‘hoops that need to be jumped through’ to ensure that all data is secure. So it is disappointing to hear that a company the size of Sony is having issues with security. I am sure they will be reviewing their own data storage and access processes and insuring that future information is more secure.

Secure information is key to success and credibility for not only large corporations but the internet as a whole.