Search Engine Optimisation Services

Ian Hancock Search Engine Optimisation

When looking for search engine optimisation services, it is important to consider your goals before embarking on any online campaign. For example, any company looking for help creating a Facebook profile needs to identify the benefits to their business.


One of our clients recently expressed an interest in creating a Facebook identity to highlight some of their products. However, we felt that their time would be better spent elsewhere. Raising the profile of thermometers is an excellent idea to increase business, but we would doubt that there would be an online community dedicated to thermometers, which could be tapped into, to increase client sales.


We recommended that the client focus on adding additional website information regarding the products. Like videos and user guides. That way they can show their expertise and thus increase sales through trust and expressing knowledge of product. The creation of videos also adds to the authority of their website, with the additional possibility of search engines indexing the videos and ranking them highly within normal search results.

Search engine optimisation services should = ROI

Facebook is a fantastic vehicle for the right community, as Miromedia have found with teenage clothing brands (for example). So when looking at search engine optimisation services, identify which ones are right for your company. It’s not just about what is currently ‘hot’, but about the best ROI from the time and effort you apply.