Rightmove, making the right moves

Ian Hancock General, Link Building

Funny how things change.

A few years ago a friend and I were discussing the merits of the Internet. At the time he was the manager of a successful estate agent’s in Hastings. Business was booming and a great deal of people were moving in from London. Most of the new movers were surprised at the value for money that this seaside town offers and sales were strong. I am starting to sound like I am working in a Hastings Estate Agency, but bear with me.
So he questioned the benefits of a website selling houses. Coming from a different culture, it was unclear to him how the internet would benefit his business. Rightmove had approached him and he was considering dedicating staff time to listing all his properties.

If anyone was in any doubt about the impact of the internet, then one look at Right Move’s sales figures for the last year shows that they continue to increase revenue, even with the property downturn.
For Rightmove’s current performance details click here

It is safe to say that they have grown with the internet, with clever marketing, but above all else, they have given people what they want. Information about what we want, when we want it. Now my friend gets a large majority of leads from Rightmove every month, proving to be very profitable.