Regional Search hits the spot

Ian Hancock Search Engine Optimisation

A hot topic at the moment is regional search – especially when talking Google. Research appears to indicate that online searchers are getting more practised at narrowing down search results by tacking on regional based keyword to key phrases, thus gaining more relative results to their locality. For example, searching for a Spa Break, the searcher would type ‘Spa Break Midlands’ rather than Spa Break.

This all seems to make a lot of sense. However, it appears that not that many site stakeholders are taking this seriously, or the few that are appear to be dabbling in repetitive duplicate content – only replacing the regional keywords within a standard body of copy and duplicating the page site-wide. Only time will tell if this is considered good practise or not. Surely, you could argue that each page is being targeted specifically to each region, town, city, and therefore has a specific and bonafide purpose within the site (not duplicate content)?

The Miromedia Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team are researching this area at the moment, and have had some excellent success with work we have done in this area. However, we have taken the time to be create with each individual page and how we produce the onpage content.

If you check back soon, I’ll update on progress.