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In the fight for traffic, who will win? It’s Mobile vs Desktop


I often get asked, is mobile traffic going to increase beyond desktop traffic?

It’s a valid question, but it’s not just a question about traffic. This question often sits behind a concern regarding what will happen to a client’s website if mobile takes over as the major traffic source.

The question, as far as I am concerned, currently has two answers. Yes, mobile is growing, as more and more websites are seeing mobile visitors outstrip their desktop visitors. But many sites are difficult to navigate via mobile, and so the user has a better experience when using the desktop or laptop.

However, as the BBC highlighted today, mobile (app) banking is taking over from desktop online banking. So success is ultimately driven by the user experience. Let’s take mobile banking apps as the example of great usability and try to understand why it’s become so popular:-

Security – Because the user is already logged into their smartphone, part of the security is already in place. Leaving a simple app login passcode to access bank details.

Speed of access – Means that it’s a quick and easy process to check finances.

Good use of limited space – When transferring money, or checking a balance, we don’t need a lot of visual space to see our accounts.

Convenience – If we need to pay for something and one account is empty, it’s easy to move money around whilst we are on the go.

Mobile apps are measured differently than mobile site traffic. If you want to see the amount of mobile traffic you get through your site, use Google Analytics, a free traffic measurement tool and look at Audience > Mobile.

Now consider your site and how to make it easy to use on mobile. If you require help in this area, just give us a call. We would be happy to review your goals and provide some expert advice. Don’t be the last one to come out fighting! Call us on 01926 358 200 and let’s get it on.