Quick SEO Tips for Copywriting for the Web

Simon General, Search Engine Optimisation

Be Search Friendly
What is the point of having a great site if no one ever sees it? None of course!
Before creating your content do you keyword research, what terms your audience or users to your site are likely to search upon, and what keywords they will use. Build the structure of your content around your search engine optimisation with these keywords and keyphrases.

Use ‘The First Person’
To engage the reader in a personal and friendly tone, use the first person. In other words address readers as ‘you’. A friendly tone is more likely to persuade a user to your desired intention.
Keep It Simple
Write for the lowest common denominator, avoid jargon and write for the impatient masses that are travelling to your site for the first time.
Call to Action
Get your readers attention and keep it. All your content should direct the user toward a goal, your ‘call to action’. That could be calling your sales team, buying your products or dropping an email. Whatever it is direct the visitors to your site toward it with the language you use.
The Web is designed for the free sharing of information. Include relevant link building where necessary as reference and further information, but also remember that most search engines give merit to carefully and logically ordered linking structure in your site.
Summarise Your Points
Who, what, when, where and how! Be short but effective and encourage your reader to explore further into your site. Use attention grabbing sentencing and headers.
Benefits not Features
What does your reader get out of it, what’s in it for them? Don’t say ‘our umbrellas are brilliant’ say ‘our umbrellas are brilliant because they keep you dry’.
Get someone else to read your copy. Does it make sense? Are there any mistakes? It’s always good to get a second opinion as you will have probably over looked something.