Quality Content – The Solution to Relevant Link Acquisition

Andy Clarke Search Engine Optimisation

Having links is one of the most relevant measures of the site’s success; they bring value in terms of “link juice”, “trust”, and visitor’s conversions. There all kind of links: free links, paid links, bulk links from directories, quality links from authority sites, and so on. But the best links are the ones that you don’t have to invest resources to get they happen naturally, we call these ‘user generated links’.

How to achieve links without asking or paying for them…

· Create content that people will find interesting, bookmark it, or even better link to it. A good example of this could be including a helpful approach such as “how to” pages, containing useful information about an interesting topic. Other examples could be creating technical sheets, reviews, tips, etc…

· Make your pages as interesting as possible by writing more for the reader. This will make people appreciate the page more, improving the brand reputation and also reducing bounce rate, increase time spent on the page. Include interesting content and people to come back again.

· Good copywriting will enhance the visitors’ experience and Search Engine. Authorities in the SEO sector are suggesting that keyword density is not so important anymore. The keywords presence in the body text and the keywords’ order is still very important however, so playing with the words until we get the desired percentages and desired look is still valuable.

At Miromedia we have dedicated staff undertaking professional copywriting. Any media agency should have someone with a copywriting background since generating new content or modifying existing content to meet certain requirements is vital.

In simple terms, keep the site architecture smart and of a good quality, clean design with interesting and qulaity content will increase the chance of ensuring natural links generated by users. If the user has enjoyed your content then you might just be rewarded!

Ovi & Ric