Improving pipeline for Saniflo

Saniflo lead the market in providing pumps and macerators that allow people to install new bathrooms and kitchens without any major construction work. Our brief was to help Saniflo improve their paid search campaigns on Google AdWords with a focus on reducing spend but increasing conversions.

We achieved that objective in a very short space of time by reducing their cost per click (CPC) from £2.48 to just 64p whilst increasing conversions from their website by 282% in just three months.


– 282% increase in conversions
– 149% increase in click through rate (CTR) from 2.14% to 5.34%
– Reduction in cost per click (CPC) from £2.48 to 64p
– 226% increase in conversion rate from 2.29% to 7.47%
– Increase in average position of ads on Google from 2.3 to 1.5

“Miromedia have been very helpful by integrating into the fairly complex way that we work. They helped us to understand exactly how our paid search campaign works and what measures they take to continually improve it. They provide visibility on progress through a clear and simple report, as well as making suggestions to improve the campaign further.”

Ann Boardman, Marketing Manager