Pay Per Click Success Tips

Ian Hancock General, Keyword Research, Pay Per Click

Thinking about running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign? If so, it’s good to have a plan of action.

Below we have listed some of the steps necessary in making your PPC successful:

Step 1 – Define the goals of the campaign

Before undertaking any PPC campaign, it’s important to set out the goals. Look at the sort of visitors that you want to target. What is the demographic? How much do you want to spend etc? Then set up the campaign

Step 2 – Keyword research

Look at the types of phrases that would be right for the visitors you want. For example don’t choose the keyword ‘golf’ when you are selling golf umbrellas. ‘Golf’ will generate a lot of traffic, but you want targeted traffic.

Step 3 – Creating ads

Write content that will help drive the right sort of traffic to your site. Terms like ‘buy online today’ are useful when someone is ready to purchase. A focus on someone who is far down the buying cycle is productive.

Step 4 – Landing pages

Selecting the right landing pages is very important. If you are looking for a golf umbrella, you don’t want to do to the Argos homepage, you would want to go to the Argos umbrellas page.

Step 5 – Reporting

Great, you have more visitors to your site. What does that mean to the business? Linking Adwords to Analytics will give you real information on the value of every visitor and the keywords that were used to achieve your goals. Adwords will report on ads that perform and traffic to the site. All of this information is key to improving your campaign.

Step 6 – Implementing changes

Build on your success. Either by adjusting your ads/keywords to increase conversions. Or finding out which keywords work for you and targeting them for Organic search.


  • Define goals
  • Define demographic
  • Agree budget
  • Create campaigns
  • Review performance
  • Implement changes to increase ROI