‘Over Optimisation’ Google Penalties

Andy Clarke Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Regional

There is a lot of chatter in the SEO blogs and forums regarding the (possible) impending changes that Google are bringing in to penalise ‘over optimisation’. Some say the changes will never come, some say they will in the next 6 months and some are saying the changes are already happening?Possible Google Penalty for Over Optimisation

According to Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz Google representatives have hinted at the following elements being penailsed in the near future:

  1. The use of too many keywords in Page Titles
  2. Using ‘exact match’ internal linking
  3. Too much use of ‘exact match’ links in footers of websites
  4. Blocks of spammy copy just to hold keywords
  5. The use of the following linking practices; link networks, comment spam, spammy forum signatures, reciprocal linking, article marketing and SEO focused directories.
  6. Finally, the other area that Google may be clamping down on is penalising web page page titles that differ very little from their neighbouring pages.

These changes won’t effect Miromedia in a big way, but there are elements of all sites including our own that may need alteration. Importantly, it is being aware of these possible changes that is vital, changes made now will protect our Clients sites and the Miromedia website from possible penalty.

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