Optimising for the App Store – Part 3

Andy Clarke App Store Optimisation (ASO)

This is the final part to my blogs regarding App Store Optimisation. This is a fascinating area that is due to grow rapidly in the coming months and years. Miromedia already have their first Client in this field and we are hoping this area will grow rapidly. Please contact us if you wish to know more on 01926 358200.

App Description Page Optimisation

Once users have clicked onto the App Description Page it is vital to optimise their experience to increase the likelihood of conversion. Here are some simple pointers:

Keep it Simple – The description should be brief, to the point and include the all important keywords Include Reviews – Positive reviews from different and authoritive sources is a great way to encourage people to buy Include Features – Bullet pointing the features of the game and the benefits is definitely advised here Include Promotions – This is a good point to offer promotions such as reduced rate game download for limited time only Screenshots – Screenshots need to demonstrate the game in the form of a narrative in 5 or so images.

Each of these elements should be seen as ‘indicators’ to users that the game is fun, trusted and well made. It is with focus on these elements that you will see a good increase in conversion.

Be great to get your comments or answer you may have about App Store Optimisation.