Optimising for the App Store – Part 1

Andy Clarke App Store Optimisation (ASO)

“The App Store is the World’s biggest shop with the smallest shop window”

Optimising for the Apps Store is difficult and it is a pioneering field. Getting into the search results when users are browsing for apps is vital and the way people search is through the use of keywords. In this 3 part blog I will discuss some of the key ways you can optimise for the App Store and get your app appearing high in the search results.

How to Optimise for the App Store

Keyword Research for App Store

It is vital to choose the right keywords, choosing the wrong keywords means you can go off in the wrong direction and not getting much back for your efforts. Choosing the right keyword can mean high sales, good coverage and long term sales.

Good keyword research is about ‘Relevancy’ and ‘Popularity’.

Keyword Research Sources:

  • Brainstorm: Ask as many people as possible how they would describe your game. They could be staff, friends, family or suppliers.
  • Competitors: What keywords do your competitors use to describe their game? They are likely to have arrived at these terms following their own keyword research.
  • Google Analytics: Traffic keywords in the Kwalee Google Analytics will provide valuable insight into keywords to target.

Competitiveness of Keywords: An excellent technique is often to target those keywords with high traffic but low competition. Google Adwords provides a good free tool for this. In addition you can type in a keyword into the App Store and count how many results are returned. If the competition is too fierce it is advisable to select a different keyword.

To find out more please contact our team to see how we can promote your app in the app store. Please stay tuned in the coming weeks when I will be discussing on-page optimisation for the App Description fields and offering other great tips.