Open source (OSS development) opens the door to everyone

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The rise of OSS development (Open Source Software) has had a significant impact on technology over recent years. With more and more programmers working on OSS, there are now many plugins available to E-commerce websites and information websites alike.

With Web Developers working on the same software all over the world, we are now in a position where blog websites like WordPress and E-Commerce websites like Magento, have multitudes of programmers working from the same foundation. With ideas and construction in unison, we have to except that OSS development is here to stay. In fact, over the last 3 years, Miromedia have embraced OSS with excellent benefits.

Benefits like: The price of creating a website for our clients has significantly dropped. We have become specialists in building search friendly OSS websites. Plus, if our clients need specific functionality, there is a good chance that another programmer has already created a plugin to do the job required. We just need to integrate that plugin into the client’s site. All this cuts down on development time and saves our clients money.

With so many creative people working in the same arena, OSS really brings website technology together for everyone’s benefit.

To me, OSS represents international software teamwork.

OSS Development

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