Online Gamers are the New Olympians

Ian Hancock Industry News, Social Media

It’s no secret in our office that I am a big gamer. Call of Duty is my thing and it can really eat into my spare time. This week I am ranked 344 (out of around 10 million) in the world at capture the flag (CTF), so imagine my excitement when I heard rumours that gaming is starting to be considered a sport.

To take this seriously I need to do some extreme training. One finger press ups, some star jumps, maybe a toe touch. OK, I’m ready. No wait, I need crisps, some dips, a pillow and an empty milk bottle.

Seriously though, how much has the landscape has changed over the last few years that this is now being considered a sport? Just like shopping is something that can be done at home, it appeared that sport may be moving the same way.

I remember my parents talking about how they were always out playing in the fields, but surely that was because there was nothing to do at home?

The landscape is changing. More and more people are into gaming. Something that was the domain of the spotty teenager in the 80’s (I’m referencing myself here) is now mainstream. Latest stats show that over 35% of all phone owners have apps on their phone.

With Rovio (creators of Angry Birds) tipped to be the next big gaming company and Apple having over 100 billion (in cash), I don’t think that gaming is going away.

How long before there are Olympic events like… frogger?