Oh dear, oh dear, should Google be moving towards A.I.?

Ian Hancock General, Industry News

I have to say, I am not a big fan of the head of Google Search, when he says things like ‘I want, I will’. This all seems a little self driven for my liking. Judging by the latest search updates coming our way, Amit Singhal seems too interested in Google’s drive to become self aware. I may be exaggerating, but as this blog is a bit of fun, who’s going to complain?Certainly not Amit, who is too busy thinking about electric sheep.

Being a massive sci-fi fan……. hang on a sec, that sounds like I am carrying timber. Being a lover of all things sci-fi. No, that’s no good either. Let’s have another go.

I like sci-fi movies, but this makes me paranoid. Surely a search engine that knows what you are thinking, without you even typing in your whole search term is predicting your behaviour from what everyone else is doing. What happened to freewill? We can discuss serendipity to our heart’s content (see what I did there?), but freewill is the basis of man (and woman) kind. Not computers. Surely making these calculations can only lead to miss interpretation? How long before computers become self aware and then misunderstand the creativity, versatility and flamboyance of our species?

Am I over reacting? Yes, but someone needs to stand up for freewill.

So I have to say “Google NO, bad Google. Get to bed and no internet for a week ”.

What next? Are we going to have to follow Google around with a plastic bag, clearing up the mess it leaves behind?

Google NO