New Miromedia Tool

Andy Clarke General, Stuff

There are several SEO tools on the market but unfortunately we couldn’t find any to work exactly on our quality criteria for link building.

Several criteria need to be taken in consideration when analysing a link’s quality; the page where the link is placed, subject matter, the position on the page where the link will be, the words used, the number of links on that page, etc. There are elements that involve Google queries as well, so you can imagine there is a highly complex process when analysing all of these details.

Our first approach was to find on the market a tool that allowed us to check everything we needed. But we ended up using 4 separate tools and also manual checks. These raises unnecessary complications created by different files, different file formats and consistency of results. Ultimately it proved to be too time consuming.

So, in order to simplify the process, our developers created a new tool for in-house usage, customised exactly to our needs.

We are expecting it to go live soon; it’s still in the testing zone but I tried it today and I really loved it!

Stay tuned for updates….