Meet The Team – Rasna Ghataurhae

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Next up on our meet the team series of posts, introducing Digital Marketing Executive Rasna Ghataurhae, who specialises in SEO & Content Marketing

From as early as she can remember, Ras has always been interested in marketing, before even realising it was called marketing! Watching TV at a young age when the inevitable advert breaks came, Ras would play a game of watching adverts and deciding whether an advert was successful in winning her over or not. In this game she would analyse and break down the advert, identifying the purpose, key messages, positives and negatives before deciding.

It wasn’t until much later that Ras realised that the game she was playing was actually an intrinsic and essential part of marketing. Ras went on to study English Literature, and in her spare time got to work developing her passion for marketing, learning as much from online resources as she could. Here is where her digital marketing journey started to take shape.

After university, with a degree and direction, Ras started off with a big corporate company in the automotive industry, working on a large array of well-known car brand websites. Here she honed her skills and developed a love for SEO and content marketing, and began to dive into email marketing here too.

Ras then moved to another agency role in central Birmingham, where she gained valuable experience working with many clients simultaneously in an array of different industries.

In summer of 2019, Ras brought her knowledge, experience and capabilities to Miromedia and hasn’t looked back since! With the opportunity to bring forward her own new ideas and creatives, sharing and learning invaluable new skills from the Miro team, Ras has certainly proven a valuable asset to the team driving great results for many clients already.



“One of my favourite moments at Miro was turning around the success of a voucher code for a client which was not ranking in Google & turning over minimal revenue. With some hard work we managed to rank in 1st position for the targeted keywords and achieve revenue of over £600,000 in a year”

What about Ras outside of work?

Ras counts herself lucky to have been able to visit lots of fantastic countries around the world, one of her favourite places to visit being Croatia, where she plans to get married in 2021!

Ras also loves cooking and experimenting with new flavours. She loves adding her own twists on recipes, and during lockdown recreated some of her favourite restaurant meals. Other than socialising with friends or resisting the urge to shop online, Ras also enjoys trying anything creative, such as drawing and painting portraits.

With a love for trying new things, a hatred for running and no prior training, in 2016 Ras spontaneously signed up to the London Marathon. Even though she wore Nike Roshe Run trainers (despite the name these are not shoes meant for running marathons), Ras managed to complete the marathon!

“It’s safe to say that although it feels great to be able to say I’ve ran a marathon, I will not be attempting one again!”