Kickstart Your Christmas eCommerce Campaign

Ian HancockStuff

We may only be in November but the countdown to Christmas has already begun.

Over the last week several Christmas themed emails have landed in our inboxes and the big budget department store TV adverts have appeared on our screens, while over in the supermarkets, tinsel and turkeys have been on the shelves since the last BBQs were removed in September.

Whether we are prepared for it or not, Christmas is coming earlier and earlier each year. Recent research from Internet Retailing found that over 40% of consumers start their Christmas shopping before November. In this constantly connected online world, it’s definitely about forward planning when it comes to your Christmas eCommerce campaign.

While it may be too late for any major website changes, there are still tactics you can adopt:

Create a dedicated Christmas gifts area on your website
Give your customers a helping hand by creating a dedicated Christmas gifts area. Provide some gift inspiration by populating this area with some products you wish to push.

Get flexible with your returns policy

Christmas is a hectic time of year, simply extend your usual window and give your customers some extra time to return or exchange those unwanted gifts. Simple enough but a massive draw to customers and a massive reason to buy from your site.

Make your Christmas delivery dates clear

To ensure there are no disappointments with gifts not arriving in time, clearly communicate your last delivery dates before Christmas. Make sure these dates are visible everywhere; on your social media sites, your emails, on banners on your website and even on paid for search. Make this a countdown and add a sense of urgency. Making your last delivery dates clear won’t just keep your customers happy, it will also cut down the number of returns you receive in the New Year. As a final push, send out an email when there’s just enough time left to order so that you can catch those last minute shoppers.

– Consider the UK’s terrible weather

If the snow is due to get the country on lockdown once again, cause a panic and let your customers know that they need to get their orders in early. Spread the message through paid search, social, email campaigns and of course site wide.

– Make sure your customer service email address and telephone number are clear

Christmas causes shoppers to get stressed incredibly easy, especially those who don’t shop online at any other time of the year, clearly display your email address and telephone number to make sure these shoppers can easily contact you should they run into any trouble.

– Run regular email campaigns

This is the season when everyone is buying, shout the loudest, and let everyone know what you are offering. Just don’t bombard or you will switch customers off. As mentioned before make sure you are clearly communicating your delivery dates and customer service telephone number/email address here.

– Stay social

Along the same lines of regular email campaigns, regular and well-timed social media updates will enable you to stay connected to your customer base. Consider an exclusive 12 days of Christmas campaign with one day deals for your followers. Don’t just push products constantly though, build your brand and get personal with your customers by adding some fun content.

– Create a post-Christmas plan

Many people will have received laptops, tablets, phones and other internet-enabled devices for Christmas, capitalise on the ones that will be using these to shop by entering sale mode as soon as possible. Once you last posting date has passed, launch your sale to attract the attention of these eager shoppers and get ahead of the game.