Just a bit of CMS trumpet blowing…

Ian Hancock Development, Web Design

Miromedia’s latest and greatest version of its Content Management System, Miromanager2.0, was officially presented to its very first customer earlier this week.  An overview training session had been arranged to demonstrate the various new capabilities and user interface. This brand new version of our Miromanager builds on the solid foundations created in earlier versions of the software and incorporates many changes that have been requested from existing clients who either use our CMS or have experience of other systems.

The training session demostrated the various new aspects and enhancements added to Miromanager2.0, including:

  • On page inline editing
  • Robust navigational drag/drop manipulation
  • XAJAX data updating
  • Brand new User Interface
  • CSS based page content template

As with all software demos the developer always their fingers (or more likely, toes) crossed, hoping that they will not stumble across any issues that were not previously fixed during test passes. In this case though their proved to be no hidden gotchas, testament to out internal QA process so a big thank you to our testers.

After the session I was very pleased to hear that the client was impressed with the functionality and usability; it would give them much more control over their site than the previous CMS they used. This was one of our main aims when designing Miromanager2.0; to make the process of editing web site content as intuitive as possible thus giving the client ownership of their site and content. They are free to spend more time updating content and less time battling with a confusing or cumbersome content management system.

Miromanager2.0 has arrived…

…i shall put my R&D trumpet away now and get back to the code face.