It’s not just about your linking…

Ian Hancock Development

…it’s about where your link goes.

On page links are important not only for your sites usability and how you guide prospective customers around your site but also important to its SEO performance within the search engines. Having good internal linking can help boost our sites ranking. With bad links or at worse links that take users to the dreaded 404 Page not Found will do potential harm to your ranking.

Search engine friendly URLs are usually typed directly into a page’s content and so become ‘hard wired’ to that page; if the page URL changes you need to look through your site to ensure that you update those links.



The latest version of Miromedia’s Miromanager takes care of this problem with its Permalink content editor plugin. This allows you to select one of your site’s page URLs to add to your page. When your edited page is output the system takes care of where this URL link should direct the user. If you change the SEO friendly page URL at any time in the future the CMS will automatically redirect you to this new page; the page URL is always up-to-date and correct.

This CMS feature of Miromanager is just another example of how our platform is built to provide you with the tools to maximise your site’s search engine optimisation potential. Read more about Miromanager here.