Is there such thing as Too Much Website Optimisation?

Ian Hancock Search Engine Optimisation

Google has recently announced that it is looking to ‘level the playing field’ by penalising websites that are seen to be over-optimised.  This won’t cause problems for any of our clients but some of the sites they are competing against might be caught out.

So, How Can We Define Too Much Website Optimisation?

At the same event Google declared that it wanted to reward sites with good content by ranking them above ‘spammy’ sites that are manipulation search engines – this doesn’t mean every site that has some level of website optimisation will disappear from search results. What are now being described in the SEO community as over-optimised sites are those that;

  • contain too many keywords – keyword stuffing
  • contain keywords that are not relevant
  • too much linking externally and internally
  • exploiting the power of link anchor text

Its important to state that this is just speculation from bloggers and people who work in the industry but it’s these sorts of website optimisation techniques that have historically been frowned upon by Google.

How to Avoid Too Much Website Optimisation

The best way to ensure your site is not penalised by Google is to employ the services of a good SEO agency. This way you can be sure that only correct website optimisation methods are used to produce good performance.

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