Is Google taking over the world?

Ian Hancock General

You may think that this blog is about the power of Google. It’s not, or is it!

I have to be careful because they are listening to everything, involved in everything, behind everything. This blog is starting to sound like paranoia. Huh…. what was that noise? Gulp, even the sound of a computer starting up has got me worried.

OK, let’s take a breath, relax, 1…, 2…… That’s better.

Now, what’s got me so worried?

Last week Google surpassed IE for users of its internet browser ‘Chrome’. Not a big deal? Wrong, they are now the market leader for web browsers. It’s another example of Google taking over the world. You can get in a car that is Google powered now, and get driven to your location without turning the wheel or stepping on the accelerator. You can put on Google Glasses and download information with your eyes.

It’s too much, they are everywhere. Next thing you know they will be doing Google clothes, internet advertising, maps of the world and website analytics information. Let’s face it Google is here for good.

I have to go now; the Google bots are at the door to have a good look around my house.

Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer

Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer

* Source information from Global Stats