Internet Marketing Tips- Blog Writing

Andy Clarke Online PR, Search Engine Optimisation

Here’s some quick internet marketing tips to ensure you get the most from your blog posts:

Internet Marketing Tips

Keep Headlines Concise and Descriptive Try to ensure that your blogs have interesting and descriptive headlines. The ultimate aim being that someone will link to your blog or share it as a good source of information.

Ensure You Link to Other Bloggers Not only is it important to give credit where credit is due but it is also a great way to encourage conversation.

Ensure You Add Meta Data It can be easy to forget this but it is always important to ensure you add meta data to increase the likelihood of getting ranked for your blog effectively.

Ensure The URLs are Concise and Descriptive In a similar way to writing headlines, ensure that your URLs are concise, descriptive, contain your keywords and are human readable. Long, complicated URLs that are fully of indecipherable code are far less likely to be linked too.

Make Sure to Post Regularly I think all bloggers can be guilty of this! In fact in Miromedia we are strict about producing at least one blog per week each. There is no point building up a stream of blogs that people visit regularly only to find that they have stopped posting. The outcome is that they will not return.

Make Sure Your Content is Easily Digestible Reams and reams of copy are off putting to busy Internet users. Keep your post short, sweet and informative.

Ask Readers to Add Comments Think of your post as a dialogue not a transmission. Conversation yields better traffic and will make your efforts more rewarding.

Write About Interesting Topics Kind of obvious eh? If it’s not interesting or compelling don’t bother at all. Writing about current topics is always a good approach here.

I hope you enjoyed these internet marketing tips, please post your thoughts below: