Internet Marketing Secrets – Guest Blogging

Andy Clarke Link Building, Online PR

I was asked this week by one of our Clients for some of our internet marketing secrets for the most effective ways to generate links from other websites. There are of course countless ways to do this but as a rule gaining high quality links are pretty difficult. One great way however to generate powerful links, generate new customers and position yourself as an authority on your offering, is with Guest Blogging.

Let me share with you some internet marketing secrets for Guest Blogging:

  1. Identify the keywords you want to rank for in the Search Engines. Keywords should have good monthly traffic, be relevant to your offering and be realistic (not too competitive if you are a small company).
  2. Do your research and find blogs that are associated with the keywords you want to target.
  3. Check the site offers followed links. As a rule most commercial websites don’t, but smaller blogs run by enthusiasts rarely do. Remember if the site puts a nofollow on your link there is no Search Engine ranking value transferred, only visitor traffic.
  4. Write an article, your article should be insightful, compelling, interesting and should contain your keywords in the copy.
  5. Contact the blog owner. This is where you will need a little charm! Befriend the Blog owner, explain who you are and offer them frequent original and interesting copy for them to add to their blog. In most cases blog owners are always looking for new and good quality articles, it is after all why people vista their website.
  6. Request the inclusion of followed links in the body of your articles pointing back to your site.
  7. Assuming you have been successful, check the article when it goes live and ensure the links have been added and are working.
  8. Go and find another blog to approach!

Please note it is vital you write original articles. Duplicating the articles on your website will reduce their ranking potential.

Ongoing it is vital to build a relationship with the Blog owner and to nurture this friendship. Blog owners know other blog owners and before you know it you are within an influential community.

Hope you have found these internet marketing secrets useful. Good luck blogging!

Internet Marketing Secrets