Internet Marketing – An Alternative Approach

Ian Hancock General, Industry News, Online PR

When it comes to promoting your web based business there are a number of approaches you can go for. Typical internet marketing strategies include search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, e-mail marketing, infographics, viral videos and so on. Then there’s offline promotion – television, radio, print etc. Most web businesses combine online and offline elements to capture as much attention and thus traffic as possible.

However there are a number of alternative methods that some, more bold, site have used to gain attention. One of these ‘different’ ways of promoting your website is known as ‘skinvertising’. The name is almost as absurd as the actual practise, which sees people literally sell space on their bodies to the highest bidder. So, what do the businesses do with this space once they have successfully purchased it? Tattoo it with their URL obviously. Apparently it was popular from the 90’s to the mid 00’s and has since fizzled out (thankfully). Unfortunately for those selling their skin many of the websites who paid for this privilege have since folded and disappeared. So not only do these people have to live each day of their lives with ridiculous URL tattoos, sometimes on faces and foreheads, but they are for websites that are no longer in existence.

Another tat, another dollar...

What’s more, companies that actually value their reputation weren’t interested in ‘skinvertising’ when it was popular. Who, I hear you asking, was willing to use it as a promotional tool then? The answer; mainly porn sites, along with gambling and other vice-based industries. So, yes, there are really people out there with the URL’s of porn sites on their faces. The above photo is completely genuine, showing the lengths that some people are willing to go to for a few dollars. The image below also shows ‘skinvertising’ at its glorious best. This example actually gained a lot of global media attention back in 05, so it was actually quite a sensible way of spending $10,000, although not a sensible way of earning it. After all, I’m sat here seven years later writing about it.

If you’re interested in increasing your website exposure, but don’t fancy paying someone to tattoo your URL to their face we can help. We provide a range of more traditional internet marketing solutions including SEO and PPC Management, as well as web design and development. Get in touch to find out more, or for a free website healthcheck.