Internet Entertainment

Ian Hancock General

How has the internet changed in the way it entertains us? Looking at the current traffic for entertainment websites, it’s very interesting to see how certain sites are performing.

Top Entertainment Website Information from Hitwise.

Looking at the top 2 entertainment websites – YouTube and BBC. I believe it’s fair to say that, at 18% of overall traffic, YouTube dominates internet entertainment. So one could argue that internet users favour a website that offers a multitude of videos and varying genres, giving the user the opportunity to choose their own themes. Compare that to the BBC Homepage (6%) and we are now looking at a website that offers you it’s best products. Although those products are limited to their license fee budget. So props for YouTube.

But wait, lets look at the total BBC traffic. Add BBC homepage with iplayer, mobile and weather. Suddenly the figure has changed (13%). So the BBC as a whole is actually performing very well, in second place.

Internet traffic volumes should always be concidered carefully, as not everything is exactly what it seems.