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Having an effective and safe internal link building strategy has never been more important. Sites all over the web have taken a battering in the last 4 months of Google updates and there doesn’t seem to be any slow down here either. In a post-penguin Google World having a keyword stuffed footer or a poor quality on-page linking can not only make your site drop in rankings, but could potentially land your whole online business in some hot water. So heres some quick tips to help you avoid the pitfalls and ensure you have a positive internal link building strategy.

I wrote a blog back in June about ‘The Danger of Exact Match Anchor Text Links‘. The same is true here, exact match anchor text internal links can signify now to Google that your site is spammy. Please note I said they ‘can’ indicate the site is spammy. The key thing here is to use keywords in your anchor texts when they make sense to do so.

Let me give you an example, lets say I have a page about ‘Chocolate Ice Creams’ and its the most perfectly optimised page you have ever seen! It is important I build external links to the page and also its important to link to the page from pages within my site. Historically, you might have added the link into a footer so that all 900 pages of your Ice Cream Selling website pointed to this one page. Google would see this page was really important as a result and rank it highly. However this was badly abused and so now has become a spam signal.

Internal Link Building Strategy Ice Cream Image

Its important to think about how people use your site to better understand how Google would prefer we link our sites up. So for example if I’m on the Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream page on my site, I would expect to see internal links in the copy or navigation to the Raspberry Ripple Page, the French Vanilla Page and the Chocolate Ice Cream Page. This would make sense from a usability point of view. If on the other hand I was presented with a list of 600 links to products ranging from Clotted Cream to Bags of Ice the customer experience would be poor and to Google the site would appear spammy.

So then in response to this Miromedia have completely reviewed and removed footers with 10 or more ‘site-wide’ links. This in itself had to be done carefully because these links were holding the site pages high in the rankings for some pages. Essentially we had to calculate the overall impact of spammy internal linking and footers against the risk of removing the links all together.

For this reason this isn’t SEO we would advise you try at home! Because Miromedia specialise in offering ethical link building services in the UK, across the West Midlands and the Warwickshire area, we have the in-house team to action these changes correctly. If you have any questions about your internal or external linking strategies, or believe your site has been hit by recent Google changes then please feel free to get in touch. Our number is 01926358200 and we are always here to assist you.

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