Instant Previews

Andy Clarke Stuff


The new nifty small tool is useful if you want a preview of the pages represented by SERPs. Let’s say you want to see what’s on the page without clicking on it.

However I personally preferred the “CoolPreviews” Mozilla add-on. It was a cool add-on at the time, but now that Google does more or less a similar service, the add-on is no longer needed, it just consumes precious resources.

We would encourage website owners to clearly organise the layouts of the site to look attractive when they will be previewed in Google web search, since they will be displayed at a ratio lower than 1:1.

Remember that a layout is like a painting for the visitors and the same principles which are used by artists to manipulate the eye can be used on a webpage where the visitor has an average of 3 seconds to make a choice.

According to our designer, Gus “This is a great little feature for speeding up sourcing of imagery & site reference – looked a little clunky to begin with but you soon forget about that as the functionality’s so good as you scroll quickly over results..”

Ovi & Ric