Images on your website

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Using images on your website will boost the website’s visual appeal. You can transfer a lot of information by using images, and make your site more interesting.

Consider the purpose of the pictures carefully; will they be products. Or perhaps you want to convey an emotion (like trust). More often than not a website will be full of text or images that are not relevant to the page. Good picture quality is also important, so consider where you get your pictures from.

The only resolution for website image is 72dpi (dots per inch). For anything larger you will need to check the compression of the image, as this may affect the loading time and may enlarge the image on screen. For images that are larger than 72dpi the general compression is 60%.

After you have put images onto you web page it’s also important to check the load time, as this will dictate a good user experience.

Julian Wilkins – Search Consultant
Miromedia SEO & Managed Online Marketing Specialists