How Your Business Can Benefit From Twitter Hashtags

Ian Hancock Stuff

In the realm of Twitter a (#) hashtag is used in conjunction with a word or phrase for a number of reasons, of which are important when using Twitter as part of your social media for marketing. By using a Twitter hashtag it acts as a search mechanism and enables you to spread information. Essentially the more people who use the hashtag symbol with a word or phrase, will cause the topic to trend and spark popularity.

For instance the most recent trending topics have been #paralympics #opening ceremony and #olympics. When people have tweeted about these topics they have included these phrases with the hashtag symbol and if done so more frequently this will create an organised listing for everything discussed around these topics – a “trend”.

This will increase the chances of other Twitter users finding your tweet in targeted searches. By asking followers or users to include a unique hashtag this can be used as part of your social media for marketing. Here are some of the ways to use hashtags to boost your twitter usage.

1. Use it for industry news and tips

If you’re looking for news or advice about a particular topic you can find what you’re looking for through the hashtag. For instance if you want online marketing advice you could put #online marketing into your tweet and then scroll down in the results where your tweet is posted. You can then find topics or tweets complete with links to inspire you. Sometimes a broad search may not find what you’re looking for but you can seek out more specific conversations and information with other related hashtags such as #seo or #link building.

2. Less Is More

Keep your hashtags simple. Don’t create a long complex hashtag as this aren’t search friendly. Don’t use excessive hashtags. If you use several hashtags you start to look desperate and lose followers. You may want to broaden your visibility but it is better done with 1-2 hashtags.

3. Create Your Own

Brands tend to create their own hashtags within a marketing campaign. Hashtags are a great way of gaging your followers and popularity and are a great way to create a buzz around a campaign. Domino’s pizza used the hashtag #letsdolunch and once the number of tweets reached 85,000 prices were dropped during 11am and 3pm on that day.

When you’re launching a competition, ask people to tweet their responses detailing the hashtag somewhere in the tweet. Use the hashtag for industry specific chats to spark interest in your followers. For example if your a toy company and want to evoke some nostalgia into your followers you could use the hashtag #childhood memories where people answer questions about their favourite toy.

4. You can stay on top of relevant hashtags to organise them using HootSuite or TweetDeck. You can create columns by hashtag or theme and monitor who comments on them.These Twitter tools are great for any social media marketing strategy as they allow you to keep track of popular hashtags that are well received so they can be varied and used again.

5. Follow Friday

#FF follow friday is a trend where you alert people to follow who you find interesting and relevant. Write a tweet by a theme i.e best seo companies, funniest comedians etc. It can also be used to complement a certain person or get someones attention.

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