How To Use Twitter’s Social Media Management For Customer Service

Ian Hancock Social Media

Customer service departments for many conjure up the notion of waiting in a queue listening to elevator music, until someone in a call centre answers only to realise they’re unable to help you with your query. Inevitably you get passed to another department and have to explain your dilemma all over again. Customers are simply losing patience and have started taking to social media channels to air their dissatisfaction. Yet with the advent of Twitter, customer relations can be transformed with careful social media management.

Firstly it’s vital to understand why Twitter is a must have tool for customer service before using this tool as part of your customer experience.

1. Why Use Twitter For Customer Service?

Twitter is a quick platform to see what people have tweeted and to quickly establish any problems that have arisen. If it is a single tweet a direct response can be made or for a more complex problem a deeper conversation can occur with a customer. As Twitter is a viral platform great customer service gets talked about and will eventually drive more sales and increase publicity.

Using Social media management for customer service will cost less money than call centres. Twitter allows you to keep conversations short and to the point which can also reduce the time needed to handle complaints. For staff  Twitter is a more interesting and less stressful platform than phone or email. If staff build up engagement with customers in this way they are more likely to provide great service.

2. Tracking Your Brand

There are various tools to track conversations to find out what someone is saying about your brand. You can track all the keywords associated with your brand to ensure you can be quick on the pulse when someone may post a damaging comment.

Tweetbeep: This will check Twitter for you and send you emails when anyone has mentioned your brand. This tool will also include links so you can save tweets or so you can easily write a response.

Monitter: Simply create a column for each keyword or phrase you want to track and Monitter will update in real time when these keywords are mentioned on Twitter.

3. Build Up Your Profile

Create social media buttons on your home page of your website and invite people to contact you via Twitter. Inform customers that you can respond to queries via the tool.  Without prompting people to go to your social media sites this can’t be used as another avenue for customer service.

4. Respond Promptly and Be Authentic

When you’ve found a complaint has been made about your company reply to them immediately asking if you can help. If the complaint or issue is sensitive in nature try to contact them directly or give them a direct number or email address. This highlights tailored customer service and will look impressive to other people that may have seen the initial negative tweet. Using the @reply symbol works well as it provides the public with an open transparent face to your company and in return makes you seem more approachable. This approach can allow others to be reassured if they were facing a similar problem and saves time in the long run.

5. Build up brand awareness

As Twitter is a conversational platform take time to chat to prospective customers. See it as an opportunity to build up brand awareness and a personality behind the brand. If people can engage and feel as though your companies accessible they’re more likely to reach out and think of your brand first.

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