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An Interview with Dean Ronnie – Miromedia’s Senior Copywriter

This week I spoke to Dean Ronnie, Miromedia’s senior copywriter about the talent of getting quality shareable content on to the internet. Dean is excellent at creating copy and also placing it on websites that will have an impact on building client website traffic and authority.

So Dean, why is quality content important for a site?

In this digital age, quality content is crucial for audience engagement. Along with eye-catching, user-friendly design and cutting edge web development, quality content should form the backbone of any website. In addition to this, it is also an excellent marketing tool for getting potential customers to stand up and listen.

Quality content can help grow your audience, generate new leads, increase brand awareness and improve how your business appears to others. With the right content, you can present your business as an expert in your field, show that you are trustworthy and prove that you can provide the answers to your potential customers’ problems.

What research do you undertake to create quality content?

Firstly, I will always ensure that I know the client inside out. This goes beyond just knowing what they do. Instead I look to know what they do, how they do it and who they do it for. I then look at what they read, where they would like to appear and who they would like to be seen by.

I then pay close attention to developments in the client’s specific industry. What is being done differently? What new technology is available that could change the way the industry works? How can I make the client stand out as a thought leader?

In terms of general research, I look to inspiration everywhere. I make it my mission to see clear links between current news and client activity. Inspiration can come from the day’s headlines or it can come from specific trade publications.

I also look at what potential customers are talking about. What questions are they asking and what kind of information will assist them?

What is ethical link acquisition and why do Miromedia use this approach?

Ethical link acquisition is the process of identifying possible link opportunities for a website. This could be by providing other websites with relevant and interesting content, identifying places where you could add value or by investigating areas where the website is already mentioned.

Essentially, ethical link acquisition is connecting the dots of the internet. Links are how a user navigates their way from one website to another. When acquiring ethical links, what we are doing is providing the user with exactly what they are looking for.

This could be answering a question, providing them with additional information about a topic or simply providing them with something interesting to read. Never should a link be placed simply for the sake of it, when a link is built –  it should be relevant, it should support the content around it and it should be of benefit to the user.

While content should be one of three things – entertaining, interesting and useful, perhaps even all of them!

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