How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Ian Hancock Social Media

Those who have already created a social media marketing strategy will already know the benefits of this marketing tool when implemented properly. When your marketing goals have been identified you can then start to see how social media is profitable for your company. There are a vast range of goals which can be achieved through a social media marketing strategy including:

  1. Direct relationship building with customers
  2. Establishing new audiences you otherwise couldn’t reach
  3. Promoting brand awareness
  4. Monitoring followers and gaining valuable information from customer and target audience
  5. Creating inbound links to improve the company’s online ranking and in return drive sales

Once you’ve defined your goals it’s time to research strategies and see what’s worked for other companies. Look and see what other companies have tried and tested and decide whether it’s right for your company.

Twitter and Facebook are the biggest social media channels right now, with Facebook having over 800 million members. However with these statistics there’s no doubt people are jumping on the social media bandwagon, yet firstly there are some key questions that need answering. Who do you want to reach? What are their demographics? Which social media channel is right for you? There are numerous social media channels you can use to build up your brand reputation online. Although Facebook and Twitter are the biggest, not all businesses will benefit from these.

Once you’ve defined your goals and social media channel it’s important to monitor your campaign in order to see how your goals are being achieved.

Social Media Tools

There are various ways you can measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign without second guessing. Firstly you need to think about the goal in mind such as promoting brand awareness then measure how many have “liked” or “retweeted” content. Or if the goal is to create new customers and increase engagement monitor numbers of followers. Here are a few tracking tools which will enable you to see how receptive your content is to potential customer:



Social Mention


Social Seek

Be Transparent

Define your communicative responses before they occur. If you encounter a complaint or customer question, clearly identify what your staff can say. However, ensure that each answer is amended accordingly and don’t just have a standard phrase as this will make your company look artificial and decrease engagement. Ensure personality comes across in your messages as people will then find it easier to relate to you online and in turn relate to your brand.

Miromedia understand social media is not a “one size fits all” marketing tool and can provide tailored social media marketing strategies for your business. Speak to one of our friendly team on 01926 358 200 or contact us via twitter – @miromedia.