How do I Add My Business to Apple Maps?

Andy Clarke General

If you are one of the three adults in the UK that now own an iPhone, you will have noticed some major changes to your phone following the iOS 6 update, 2 weeks ago. One of the main changes was the removal of all Google apps and interfaces from the phones, only to be replaced by Apple versions. The best example of this being; the removal of Google Maps being replaced by Apples version.

The reason for this was that since Google moved into the tablet market a few months ago, they are now essentially a competitor. So Apple and Google are parting company in this sense, for the foreseeable future. The only problem seems to be that Apple Maps has not been well received by iPhone users.

In fact countless blogs and reviews have popped up across the Web, with people complaining about all types of errors including: that the city they live in is covered completely by cloud and that places and sections are missing from the maps. In fact poor old Stratford Upon Avon has had its name completely removed, only to be replaced by a small village nearby called Shottery, which must be causing chaos for the millions of tourists who visit there each year!

So while Apple get their new maps system resolved there is a more pressing problem for business owners; their business places listings are now missing. Below is a simple guide how to add your business listing into Apple Maps and ensure people can find you!

  1. Firstly you need to open the new Apple Map App on your iPhone or iPad (ensuring you are connected to the Internet)
  2. Be sure to search for your business name and if it isn’t there already you need to add it
  3. Select the page fold in the bottom right corner of the maps screen
  4. Select the Report a Problem link (which is very tiny and greyed out on that screen)
  5. Select ‘Location is Missing’, then click on Next
  6. Position the pin to the correct location (if you can, I had a few problems with this!), then click Next
  7. Enter your business details
  8. Be sure you select a category too
  9. Then finally just select Send

You then have to wait for Apple Maps to catch up with your request and assign a listing, which can take up to 2 weeks. I hope this is useful, please feel free to contact us on 01926358200 if you have any questions about the new Apple updates and how they are effecting your business. As specialists in Online Marketing in the Midlands we can help.