Here comes everybody…

Ian Hancock Social Media

I have never been a big fan of Facebook, it’s not really for me. I mean come on, do I really NEED TO KNOW THE FOLLOWING:-

‘Just settling down on the sofa, with a nice cup of tea. Time for Eastenders, 🙂 lol.’

Really, is this what it’s all about? And if it is, surely not everyone wants to know about it. Some of you may agree with me, some may not. But wait, I have more to say on the subject.

I was recently reached on Facebook by an old friend who I had lost contact with. She sent me pictures of my son when he was little and I was overjoyed when they arrived.

Maybe I am being Victor Meldrew about the whole thing?

Truth is Facebook, like many things, is an excellent tool. And, when used correctly, it’s fantastic at keeping you up to date with who is having a cup of tea before East Enders. Lol smiley face.