Happy 40th Birthday to the Internet!!

Simon Stuff

April 7, 1969: The publication of the first ‘request for comments,’ or RFC, documents paves the way for the birth of the internet.

Picking the actual date in history when the Internet was first created is tricky, but April 7 is often cited as a symbolic birth date of the net. On this day in history the RFC memoranda contain research, proposals and methodologies discussing internet technology, the first time any evidence exists of the proposed creation of an interconnecting computer network system.

RFC documents provide a way for engineers and others to kick around new ideas in a public forum; sometimes, these ideas are adopted as new standards by the Internet Engineering Task Force. The coining of the term ‘internet’ was published in one such RFC in 1974.

Not wishing to be unpatriotic the Miromedia team we were glad to find that the British Post Office was behind the international packet-switched network service (IPSS) in 1978. The IPSS was developed from these RFC proposals and the network grew rapidly from Europe to the US and Canada, Hong Kong and Australia by 1981.

January 1st, 1983 also has its supporters. On that date, the National Science Foundation’s university network was made live, providing an interconnected database and communications network for the US universities and beyond. It was this system that became a precursor to the World Wide Web we all use today.

Like all 40 year olds, the internet has swollen in size since its younger days. But now a multi-lingual 40 year old the internet is roughly 35% English, 65% non-English with the Chinese at 14%. Like many other 40 year olds the internet is also very busy at work, in fact recent figures suggest that the internet is just about to tip the 1.6 billion users mark! Google’s index now stands at more than 1 trillion pages at the last official count!

And what does the internet spend the majority of its time looking at, pretty young girls like other 40 year olds maybe? While using email and doing research are the still the main activities, getting info about products and services, and checking news, weather, etc. are ranked far, far higher when compared to pornography!

So all of the Miromedia Team raise their glass to the internet on its 40th Birthday!!