Guest Posts on Your Blog – What are the Benefits?

Ian Hancock Link Building, Online PR

We are often asked by our clients about the benefits of allowing guest post on their blogs and them acting as guest bloggers on other sites. Many people worry that they will have to lower the editorial standard of their blog in order to publish guest content but this isn’t the case. You are never obliged to post anything, so if you feel it’s not up to your standards just bin it!

The benefits of guest blogging:

• Keeps your blog up to date and brimming with content

• Saves you time – other people write content for you!

• Allowing others to post on your blog means they owe you a favour = potential links back to your site through writing a blog for them

So why wait? Add a guest blog section to your blog and invite others to add content. Before you know it you will a new network of contacts and some juicy links to your site when you call in the favour.