Google+ update

Ian Hancock Link Building, Social Media

In its first month Google + has managed to accumulate over 20 million users worldwide. This is impressive when one considers the fact that it’s still in its limited release trial period. This means that all 20 million users of Google + were invited to join. None of these users actively searched for the social network; rather they had it presented to them by someone they already knew. This would suggest then that Google+ is set to be massive.

Currently there are only 15 virtual communities that have over 100 million users. These include Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn and other household names as well as a number of more obscure networking sites which are popular in China (which accounts for their incredible popularity and their obscurity to western internet users). With the first month user figures of Google+ in mind one would assume that the site is in good stead to become the 16th member of the ‘100million or more’ list.

It is at this point that I would like to withdraw my early scepticism as evident in my original Google+ post. I now have no doubt in my mind that it will easily overtake the measly 50 million users that MySpace boast and enter the same echelons of social networking inhabited by Tencent QQ and Netease, or as examples our customers outside China will understand; Facebook and Twitter.

Conclusion; Google+ will be big. However, there is room for improvement. A number of people have highlighted a number of possible changes and additions. This is not surprising though. Although prior to its limited release one month ago it had been in the making for some time it’s normal for there to be early changes required. And there will always be naysayers, whatever the project. It has to have the time to develop and grow, hence the limited release trial period taking place right now. They are testing and fine tuning the social media platform with 20 million users so it can be released to the rest of the world. They are thinking big which, is Google’s default way of thinking. Even the name means ‘big’.

You don’t need to watch this space… will soon be part of it.