Google Unveil New 3D Google Earth

Ian Hancock General

Google have just announced a new exciting development which sees Google Earth going 3D. Google are currently developing a new interactive 3D map so that we can now view places from a helicopter view. This new technology will now enable us to not only see places from a street view but we can also explore a location from a birds eye view perspective.

When this product is developed it will mean giving us an informative, fun and innovative tool to explore an unknown or foreign destination. It will help us to map an area and let us have insider knowledge about an area before we even venture there.

Google’s new development has currently been developed for mobile usage and currently covers metropolitan areas. By the end of the year Google hope to have coverage of these areas with a population of 300 million people. A PC version is soon to follow.

We think this is a great new development by Google, what are your thoughts?