Google Places Optimising

Andy Clarke General, Search Engine Optimisation

There are loads of reasons to optimise Google Places. Ensuring local visibility to searchers and ensuring a number 3 position on a competitive page are probably the most important. How then do we optimise our Clients listings?

Here are some simple rules to increase rankings for your website on Google Places:

  • Ensure all the fields are added and are up to date, this includes images, videos, copy and locations
  • Provide as much information about your company as possible, take the time to write about your company
  • Use your priority keywords, but do it carefully do not keyword stuff (not sure how many keywords to use? Contact the Miromedia Team)
  • Include reviews from happy customers, make sure they are positive and don’t manufacture them
  • Include the service area you cover where possible and;
  • If you are a company operating out of many locations be aware of uploading large amounts of locations at anytime. If possible do one at a time.