Google Penguin makes it into Wikipedia

Ian Hancock General, Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone in the SEO World is talking about Google Penguin and the effect that it is having on websites. Some people are saying that Google is unfairly penalising businesses. Others are saying that Google is trying to clean up the Internet.

We can even see a Wiki entry on Penguin, talking about how it has affected website performance. The Wiki even covers when it went live and how many websites have been affected so far.

What does Penguin do?

One thing is for certain, the update is defiantly geared towards promoting quality content and now the focus must be on how to get the most from that quality content.

So why the change?

To my mind, Google is committed to improving the quality of the content on the Internet. For example, this new algorithm seems to penalise directories. It would be fair to say that someone looking for a product or service in Google would not want to arrive at another smaller search engine (example to start looking again.

What do we do next?

This new update is a real opportunity for website owners to become authorities in their specific areas. Adding good information and getting natural links helps to build the authority of a website and therefore increase performance.

Personally I am excited about the effect that this will have on the Internet as a whole. It’s true to say that some websites have been penalised and now it’s time to make changes on those sites. But, in general, I believe the new Google update will be good for the Internet.

Google penguin attack