Google ‘Over Optimisation’ Penalty

Andy Clarke Search Engine Optimisation

Is it coming or isn’t it? That is the question on many SEO and Link Building agencies. The ‘unnatural links’ messages and Penguin updates hit some in the industry hard and so people are desperate to avoid any future problems. At first when this subject appeared in the SEO blogs I was concerned. Concerned because it may mean a great deal of changes and reviewing entire sites takes a great deal of time. However it has given me the opportunity to visit all our Clients websites with fresh eyes and really get anything even vaguely spammy removed.

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So what have we been changing? Well there has been a few good bits of direction from SEOMoz, MagesticSEO, SEO Book and a few trusted others. These can be broken down into the following:

  • Page Titles – Removal of keyword stuffing
  • Manipulative Internal Linking – especially the removal of ‘exact match’ linking in body copy
  • Footer Links – Again the removal of ‘exact match’ linking in footers
  • Removal of Unnecessary Pages – The removal of pages that serve no purpose other than the targeting of keywords
  • Removal of Spammy Link Building – Removal of link networks, comment spam, forum signature links, spammy article marketing, SEO focused directories and are old friend reciprocal linking.

Its a big shift by Google, but it is a necessary one I believe. It is good that Google are pushing to remove spammy techniques and make the Internet a better place. As an SEO professional I would prefer it if they posted what they were due to change and provide clearer guidelines. however this is what keeps SEO and Link Building interesting I guess?

What do you think please leave your ideas below…