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Technology is moving at an amazing pace. For example Google are planning to introduce Google glasses by the end of 2012. The idea that search marketing (SEO) will we a visual experience is something that is touched on in Minority Report, a Tom Cruise movie. Forced to go on the run for a crime he is about to commit, Tom needs to replace his eyes with someone else’s. In the particular scene I am thinking about, he walks into Gap, with his new eyes and he is immediately recognised as Mr Yakamoto . Then instantly asked how some clothes had worked out for him. All this from a virtual welcoming holographic assistant. This has got me thinking about how the shopping experience will change over the coming years and how the high street experience will become an interactive one. I can envisage a world where we talk into our ASK-Siri-Google-glasses-microphone and they tells us where the best tank top deal is.

Google Glasses

Let’s take things a step further. Getting lost in another country? No longer a problem with GPS glasses. Can’t get you message across in the French Patisserie? Siri converts your English to French.

Search Marketing SEO

For the local high street shops, Search Marketing SEO will become more and more important, as Google and others look for more information about high street products. The more information that will add to the shoppers experience, the more we will hunger for it.

I should image that there will be a great change in the shopping experience over the next few years. Oakley Thump’s are a good example of what the Google Glasses may look like.