Google Envy

Ian Hancock Stuff

There has been a lot written about Google and the power that it wealds. Like it is some sort of all powerful monster squashing everything in its path!

Latest complaints currently revolve around its ‘Street Views’ application. In the U.K. there has been complaints about, among other things, a picture of someone throwing up at the side of the road.

In my opinion some people are missing the point. Google is always adding apps to their free service, in the hope that it will keep our custom, their unchallenged position as number one search engine has allowed them to pioneer new ideas (with the financial backing for experimentation). Google has become an endless source of information.

Who hasn’t Googled to find out some trivial info, or where to go to visit x, y or z. Google is great at thinking outside the box and their primary goal is to stay popular. So you can always expect more from this inventive company.

Julian Wilkins